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AWIMA has members in 5 regions in Africa: North Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa. Membership is open to National Women in Mining, Oil, and Gas Organisations and Associations in African countries. Scroll down to view our Regional Network map.  Click on the “CONTACT MEMBER” button below the country’s name on the map to get in touch. 

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Welcome to the AWIMA Member Directory.  This comprehensive resource features short profiles and contact details of AWIMA members, enabling you to connect with National Women in Mining, Oil, and Gas Organisations and Associations across Africa.

Explore the directory to connect with industry-leading organisations, build meaningful relationships, and advance your initiatives within the extractives sector. Use this resource to find potential partners and supportive peers dedicated to fostering growth and sustainability in the sector.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Organisation Name: Women in Mining DR Congo
Membership Status: Active
President: Dorothée MASELE
+243 991900624
Listing Title
Organisation Name: Women in Mining Ethiopia
Membership Status: Active
President: Rachel GETACHEW
Listing Title
Organisation Name: Association Gabonaise du Secteur Extractive (AGASE)
Membership Status: Active
President: Patricia OBIANG OSSOU
Listing Title
Organisation Name: Women in Mining the Gambia
Membership Status: Active
President: Fatou CESSAY
+220 310 7263
Listing Title
Organisation Name:  Women In Mining Ghana
Membership Status: Active
President: Georgette Barnes Sakhi-Addo
+233 244213496
Listing Title
Organisation Name:  Women In Mining Guinea 
Membership Status: Active
President: Aissata BEAVOGUI
+224 623238067
Guinéa Bissau
Listing Title
Organisation Name:  Guinean Women’s Association of the extractive Industrial (ASSOMGUIE)
Membership Status: Active
President: Vanda Anett BARBOSA
Listing Title
Organisation Name: Association for Women in Extractives and Energy in Kenya (AWEIK)
Membership Status: Active
President: Hannah WANG’OMBE
+254 722 934084
Listing Title
Organisation Name: Lesotho Women in Mining Association (LeWIMA)
Membership Status: Active
President: Mamphuto Jessie
+266 58700888
Listing Title
Organisation Name: Women in Mining Liberia
Membership Status: In Progress
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Applying for AWIMA Membership is a straight forward process. To determine your eligibility and apply for membership, follow Step 1 to Step 3:

Step 1: Check the Map

Navigate to the Regional Network section on this page and view the map. The icons indicate countries where AWIMA has members or, is finalising memberships. Click on the icons for organisation names and membership status.

Step 2: Engage Locally

If there's an AWIMA member in your country, connect with the local organisation. Click on the "CONTACT MEMBER" button below the country's name on the map to get in touch. Members contact details are also accessible in the "DIRECTORY" section of the Members page.

Step 3: Apply for Membership

If there is no AWIMA member association in your country, complete the Member Application Form below.

Membership Application Form


AWIMA Membership is open to national women in mining, oil, and gas associations in African countries. Please complete the form below with accurate information, as each piece of information is crucial to achieving our shared goals. Whether your organization is involved in small-scale activities or large technical projects, your input is essential. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee membership. We look forward to engaging with you further.

Comprehensive Support System

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AWIMA offers a range of valuable benefits designed to support and enhance members’ professional growth and contributions to the extractives sector. These benefits are tailored to empower members, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. Explore the detailed benefits below to understand how AWIMA can support your organisation.

Benefit from AWIMA’s advocacy efforts to promote and protect women’s interests in the extractive industries, ensuring your voice is heard at national and international levels.

Connect with professionals and organisations in the mining, oil, and gas industries across Africa, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can drive career and industry growth.

Participate in specialised programs designed to enhance skills, provide certifications, and promote the advancement of women in the extractives sector.

Gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including training materials, industry reports, webinars, and workshops that support professional development and industry knowledge.

Engage in forums, discussion boards, and events to share best practices, experiences, and innovations with other members, enriching your professional journey and contributing to the collective knowledge base.

Increase your visibility and recognition through AWIMA’s platforms, publications, and initiatives, showcasing your contributions and achievements to a broader audience.

Attend members-only events, conferences, and networking sessions that provide opportunities to learn from industry leaders, share insights, and explore new trends and technologies.

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