The AWIMA Leadership Conference (ALA2024) champions African women in mining, promoting their leadership and building a more balanced industry. Embracing the theme “Empowering African   women in mining: Breaking barriers, building futures,” ALA2024 celebrates their achievements and equips them to forge a powerful path for themselves and the sector.

The ALA2024 isn’t just an award ceremony; its a groundbreaking initiative promoting gender diversity, equality, and inclusion inmining leadership across Africa. It celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of women in the extractive industries.

Balbine Pascaline OMGBA

AWIMA President

AWIMA Leadership Awards 2024 - Categories

Leadership Award Honours

  • Recognition of Service: Honoring former AWIMA presidents for their exceptional leadership and significant contributions to advancing women’s roles in the extractive industries.
  • Legacy of Impact: Celebrating the enduring influence and achievements of former AWIMA presidents who have paved the way for future generations of women leaders in mining.

Sustainability Awards

  • Women showcasing a steadfast commitment to fostering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, as well as promoting sustainability within their organizational frameworks.
  • Outstanding efforts in enhancing health and safety standards in mining, alongside a dedication to championing sustainability and ESG principles.

Pathfinder Awards

  • Pioneers with a distinguished and enduring career in the mining industry, making significant contributions to its growth and development.
  • Individuals who have made enduring contributions in various aspects, yet haven’t received the recognition akin to a long-service award.

Artisinal Small Scale Miners (ASSM) Awards

  • Experienced female Artisanal Small-Scale Miners with a lengthy history in the ASM segment of the supply chain, actively advocating for better conditions in the mines where they operate.
  • Women who, based on their backgrounds, achievements, and roles at the administrative, artisanal, or industrial levels, serve as exemplary figures in the sector.

Rising Star Awards

  • Emerging young women in mining who exhibit innovation and the potential to make a significant impact in the respective industries.
  • Young women within the industry showcasing inventive approaches to the mining sector, introducing new perspectives and valuable contributions.

Gender Equality Trailblazer Award

  • A female leader who has shown exceptional leadership and foresight in driving the objectives of gender equality within the mining sector to its stakeholders.
  • Women with a well-established history of dedicated efforts to promote and champion increased inclusion of women in the mining industries.

AWIMA Leadership Awards 2024 - Judges

Frank Dixon Mugyenyi


Dr Rokhaya Samba Diene


Thabani Mlilo


AWIMA Leadership Conference - Magazine

Navigate to the “OUTCOMES & IMPACT ” section of this page to read / download the AWIMA Leadership Conference Magazine for a detailed report on the event.

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_HONORARY 3

AWIMA Leadership Award Honours: Melody Kweba, the visionary founder and first president of AWIMA, and Madame Georgette B. Sakyi-Addo, the dynamic former president AWIMA.

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_SUSTAINABILITY2

Congratulations to Halima Saad Mhando, Celestina Allotey, and Diamante Kafuti  for winning Sustainability Awards! AWIMA honours their exceptional contributions towards improving mining health and safety, and promoting sustainability and ESG.

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_PATHFINDER 3

Congratulations to Olusola Olaniyi (Ogunlade)  and Carine Yvane Tsoungui for winning Pathfinder Awards! AWIMA honours their  remarkable long-standing contributions in the mining industry that has gone unrecognized until now.

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_ASSM 3

Congratulations to Eve Sidala Sanou, Mecktilder Mchomvu, Alphonsine Tshilefe Muvuloka, and Amna Abdalrheem Mohammed Ali for winning Artisinal Small Scale Miners Awards!  AWIMA honours their long track record operating in the ASM segment of the supply chain and tirelessly lobbying for the improvement of conditions in the mines they operate in. 

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_RISING STAR 3

Congratulations to Nahomie Tshikadi, Kabatesi Confiance Juliette, Ndeshihafela Ndivayele, and Safiétou Fall for winning Rising Star Awards! New to the mining, gas, and oil industries, they’ve shown remarkable innovation and potential.

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_GENDER 3

Congratulations to Farana Boodhram, Virginie Adala, Alaka Lugonzo, and Mbathio Ngom for winning  Gender Equality Trailblazer Awards! Their extraordinary achievements and unwavering commitment in the mining industry has propelled the mission of gender equality.

We deeply appreciate the endorsement of all our sponsors. Your dedication and commitment to fostering sustainable development in environmentally and socially responsible mining across the continent reflect a shared vision for a more inclusive and equitable industry.

Your partnership will not only drive innovation but also set new standards for inclusivity and excellence in the mining sector. Together, we are paving the way for a future of diversity and success in mining!

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AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_PT1a

Unforgettable moments from the AWIMA Leadership Conference 2024, where visionary women in mining across Africa gathered to empower, innovate, and lead. 

AWIMA Leadership Awards & Conference - Event Highlights_PT2a

Unforgettable moments from the AWIMA Leadership Conference 2024, where visionary women in mining across Africa gathered to empower, innovate, and lead. 

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Frank Dixon Mugyenyi


Frank brings a wealth of experience to the table as the Founder and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – MINERALS AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTION (MADI) Ltd, an African Think Tank. With   over   25   years   of   experience    in   various roles, including Coordinator    of    the  Africa Minerals Development Centre (AMDC), Coordinator   for   the    African    Continental    Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Institutional Support Project funded by the AfDBand Senior   Advisor   and Technical Advisor onindustry to the African Union Commission   (AUC), Frank has been instrumental in driving economic development   and   sustainable   mineral   resource   development   across Africa. His remarkable achievements include the institutionaliSation of the AMDC as an African Union Specialised Agency and the coordination of the domestication of the Africa MiningVision, along with the development of key instruments such as the AMV-Private Sector Compact and the African Minerals Governance Framework. Currently, Frank Dixon Mugyenyi leads theBuilding EU-Africa partnerships on sustainable raw materials value chain (AfricaMaVal) Project as the Work Package Leader and Coordinator for MADI.

Dr Rokhaya Samba Diene


Distinguished Senegalese geologist with a remarkable career  in the mining sector. With a Doctorate in Applied Geology, an Executive MBA, and specialized expertise in Public Administration of Mines and mineral resources regulation, Dr. DIENE  brings unparalleled knowledge and insight to our esteemed panel of judges.

Her leadership roles within the Senegalese Ministry of Mines and Geology, coupledwith her current presidency in severalprominent mining organizations, exemplifyher dedication to advancing the industryand fostering excellence.

Thabani Mlilo


MANAGING DIRECTOR – MOAHI SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS and an Adjunct Professor at theUniversity of Cape Town. With over 22 years of invaluable experience in the sustainability field, particularly in mining, Thabanibrings a wealth of expertise to the judging panel. His illustrious career has seen him in pivotal rolessuch as Executive Head of Sustainability at KAP, Executive Head of Safety, Health, and Sustainabilityat ERG Africa, and Head of Sustainability at Anglo American Platinum, among others.

Thabani’s profound understanding and extensive work in sustainability, health and safety, climatechange, and community relations across various continents including Africa, South America, NorthAmerica, and the Asian Pacific region make him a highly respected and sought-after professional inthe industry.

His addition to the judging panel promises to elevate the AWIMA Leadership Awards to new heights, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.