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African women, artisanal & small-scale miners, communities in the CRM value chain

Building EU-Africa Partnerships On Sustainable Raw Materials Value Chain

The EU-Africa Partnership on Raw Material Value chains (AfricaMaVal) is a 42-month initiative focused on establishing a business network between the European Union (EU) and Africa across the entire Critical Raw Materials (CRM) value chain. The primary objective is to ensure responsible mineral resource sourcing for the European industry while promoting sustainable local co-development under optimal Environmental, Social, and Governance conditions. Coordinated by BRGM, the French Geological Survey, the project involves 18 partners from 11 countries. This consortium includes experienced African and European organisations, associations, and networks with deep expertise and involvement in the raw material sector. AWIMA, a key partner, is responsible for analysing ESG conditions within the project.

Project Partners

AWIMA extends its gratitude to the AfricaMaVal project partners for their support in empowering African women in the mining and extractive sectors.


Key Activities

  • Analysing ESG Conditions
  • Africa, Europe

The project is divided into eight steps. AWIMA leads Step 4. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Creating a Pan-African dataset of ECRM supply potential
  • Step 2: Analysing the Extended Critical Raw Materials value chain
  • Step 3: Identifying financial instruments
  • Step 4: Analysing Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) conditions
  • Step 5: Building an EU and Africa business network
  • Step 6: Developing a strategy for integrating existing and emerging EU and African raw materials value chains
  • Step 7: Identifying responsible investment opportunities
  • Step 8: Communication, dissemination, and exploitation

AWIMA Project Manager: Zenzi Awases

Project Duration: 42 Months (June 2022 – December 2025)

AfricaMaVal aims to establish sustainable partnerships for responsible mineral resource sourcing, ensuring local co-development under optimal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) conditions. The African continent, with its proximity and rich endowment of Extended Critical Raw Materials (ECRM), is an ideal partner for the European Union to achieve these goals. This collaboration offers Africa the opportunity to capitalize on its mineral wealth, enhance its internal value chains, and contribute to sustainable development at individual, local, regional, and continental levels.

AWIMA plays a crucial role in the AfricaMaVal project by leading the analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) conditions. Our highly qualified team members ensure that all project activities adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical practices. AWIMA’s involvement not only integrates gender perspectives but also brings significant expertise in CRM, enhancing the project’s impact on sustainable and equitable development across Africa. This contribution helps promote diversity, inclusivity, and long-term sustainability in the extractive industries.

Source Acknowledgment

The publications and videos featuring AWIMA in this project report are sourced from the AfricaMaVal website and YouTube channel. We extend our gratitude to AfricaMaVal for their invaluable resources and content. To view all public deliverables, please visit AfricaMaVal Results. For more information, please visit AfricaMaVal’s website and YouTube channel.

  • To work with national governments in the implementation of the Africa Mining Vision for the benefit of women in Africa: The AfricaMaVal project supports this objective by promoting sustainable mineral resource sourcing that aligns with national and continental development goals.
  • To advocate for and support women’s interests in the exploration and extraction of mineral wealth, including oil and gas and other natural resources: The project provides a platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities for women in the extractives sector, ensuring their interests are represented.
  • To promote responsible mining and eliminate child labour and violence against women: The project’s focus on ESG conditions helps promote responsible mining practices and addresses issues such as child labour and violence against women.

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