Africa MaVal Interview with Association of Women in Mining in Africa

We are excited to share an interview with the Association of Women in Mining in Africa (AWIMA) discussing the AfricaMaVal project. In this video, AWIMA representatives highlight how the AfricaMaVal project will benefit miners, governments, and local stakeholders. Discover the project’s innovative approaches and its potential to drive sustainable development within the mining sector. Watch the interview below to gain valuable insights into this transformative initiative.

Stay tuned for more updates as AWIMA continues to champion sustainable development in the extratives sector.

Source: Africa MaVal YouTube Channel. WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON THE AFRICA MAVAL PROJECT HERE: Africa MaVal Playlist

Africa MaVal

Project Report

AfricaMaVal is an initiative focused on establishing a business network between the EU and Africa across the entire Critical Raw Materials value chain. AWIMA  is responsible for analysing ESG conditions within the project.

National Seismological Observatory, Gimpa Road, Accra, Ghana, West Africa

AWIMA Members

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